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                    Triolym Industries Co.,Ltd.

                    Add: Suite1106, He Bang Building, #933 North Tian Tong Road, Ningbo, China

                    Phone: +86-574 -87413656

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                    Web: www.e-medicalmalpractice.com

                    E-mail: triolym@cnmetalparts.com

                    Our Products:

                    mechanical parts, abrasive, cutting wheel, flap disc, grinding wheel, mounted flap wheel, automotive parts, gear assembly, connecting rod, crank shaft, gear type steeringset, general auto parts, idle arm, king pin, oil pan, oil pump, push rod, rear axle assembly, universal joint, valvetrain, water pump, casting, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, pressure die casting, aluminum alloy casting, zinc alloy casting, investment casting, furnace grate, sand casting, gravity casting, permanent mould casting, iron casting, precision casting, grey cast iron, gray cast iron, forging, hot forging, clod forging, hydraulic components, cylinder, injection cylinder, hydraulic system, hydraulic motor, hydraulic winch, hydraulic fitting, check valve, hydraulic adapter, coupling adaptor nipple, hydraulic adapter, ferrule, adapter, hydraulic hose fitting, iso quick coupling, industrial hose, hydraulic hose, hydraulic steel tube, hydraulic steel tubing, precision seamless tube, machining, precision machining, CNC machining, metal machining, sheet metalworking, cooking grid oem, dish table, equipment stand, kitchen cabinet, kitchen worktable, undercounter dishtable, stamping, high speed stamping, lock, cam lock, furniture lock, drawer lock, door lock, window lock, mechanical lock, mortise lock, rim lock, digital lock, cabinet lock, switch lock, knob lock, mechanical parts
                    motorcycle wheels, discs spring, alloy wheels, gear, carbon fiber rods, balance shaft, bedding+sheet+set, crank shafts, universal joints, water pumps, steering parts, axles, exhaust, cylinders, hinges, hand oil pumps, aluminum die castings, pressure die casting, aluminium, led aluminium flashlight, magnesium die castin, aluminium dirt bike, aluminium foil tape, aluminum die-casting, mold & die, zinc alloy handle, zinc air battery, cnc machined part, cnc, machined metal part, cooking tool, baking dish, equipment, kitchen, stainless steel, dishtables, investment casting, drive engineering, building, fastenings, printing and paper machinery parts, electrical engineering parts, precision mechanics parts, rubber and plastics machinery parts, woodworking machinery parts, compressor parts, marine engineering parts, offshore engineering parts, robot engineering parts, steel industry parts, packing machinery parts, soil pipes, holding down plates, small hardware fittings, brake shoes, chemical plant components, sand casting, permanent mould casting, ferrous castings, grey cast iron, stampings, stamped components, stamped ferrous parts, cam locks, door+lock, code door lock, separate lock, safe box lock, electronic lock, mailbox lock, mechanical lock safe, hot forgings, cold forming, forged metal components
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